How to survive Afrika Burn – The Preparation phase

So generally, Africa burn has not always been on my life bucket list. It somehow managed to sneak its way on it after i heard more and more people RAVING about this festival. It is life changing. It is a must-do. It is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. YOU HAVE TO GO.

People apparently fly from all over the world to experience this festival which isnt really a normal music festival but more a festival of art and… life, you know? Apparently. If you wanna know more details and facts and figures about this festival, click here.

So here i am now, with a 3 pages list of things to buy, organise or remember and we are one week away from „The Burn“. I did read my way through about 30 pages of preparation information but in summary, I still dont have a clue what to expect.

It all started off like any good tale starts – with the words: Let’s do it! Sure. We were all into being part of the burn and since tickets are not cheap at all, we even decided to go all the way and took a whole week of holiday for this weekend.

What we kind of didnt know and not know until today is, how we will survive this week at all. Water is the main issue. The festival provides nothing but what you contribute to it. Except for ice, you can not buy anything there. We will take 5l per day and person, but if we stay there for 5 days thats an excessive amount of water already. Then we still need to load food, all the drinks, which are not water, our clothes (hot during the day, winter during the night) and all the equipment. So basically, we would need a whole truck if we wanted to take all of our supplies. Instead, we now organised a Toyota Avanza and just hope for the best. My chico would have died a heartattack before we even could have started, so I thought, the car rental option would be the best – but unfortunately not the cheapest which brought us immediatly to the next problem: the road. We will drive about 110km through a very stony desert and according to the Burn organisers, not a lot of cars actually make it to or from „The Burn“ back home. As our Toyota Avanza only has a certain amount of space, we can’t take about 3 extra spare tyres as we should, also our car hire company probably does not really want to know, that their precious vehicle will be driven through the middle of the stony desert of South Africa. Oh well.  The decision now has been made – we are going, we not backing out of this and problems will just be solved on the way. So in summary this is what we have so far: a car with just one spare tyre and water. Well we dont have it yet, we still looking for ways of transporting it. And we also know we will not have enough space but a horrendous amount of costs. Sounds like a sound preparation stage right? hahaha

Next issue on my 5 pages long organisational list is: food. Actually it is not really an intense problem. We will have a tiny cooler box (if it fits into the car) and thats it. so i guess i will live of musli bars and apples for a week and just hope for the best. Its my kind of diet – the „Burn diet“. Don’t judge.

Next – more important topic: The Outfit. So „Afrika burn“ is a festival, where people want to express themselves, where they can just be themselves without society judging them. As a result, the outfits can get quite quirky. However, I am just a normal person and if i could run around like i wanted to, i would just wear my jogging pants and no bra until the end of time. Not accepted at the Burn though. Well probably accepted, but it’s super boring, so i again need to go out of my way and find something quirky. To be as cool as the others and to fit into the anti-hispert-but-still-hipsterness of this festival. I did quite a bit of research on this topic now and I am now a proud owner of tasteless leggins, TWO tutu’s (one is just not good enough) and some very funky very hispert sunglasses. OH, and suspenders. In pink. I just made one mistake: the tutu’s are full of glitter. Glitter and Feathers are a no-no at this festival as you have to leave the space as untouched as it was when you arrived. Feathers can blow away and Glitter will just fall to the ground and is still trash, although its small. I actually really enjoy this fact. Every year, when I leave one of the music festivals i am shocked how damn dirty people leave behind spaces. I mean, everyne is talking about saving the world and being ecofriendly – everytime i leave a festival i know that 90% of them are just talking though and actually don’t stand behind what they say. Anyway – as I do not want to be one of them, i am currently trying to wash out the glitter of the tutu’s… which ended not so well as now my whole room and the outside area are quite sparkly… guess i need to find a different tactic here in order to fit in to the eco-friendly theme of the festival.

There is still a lot to organise and its only 9 days, until we make our way up to the Tankwa. I will let you guys follow me on my way from a „burn-virgin“ to an actual arty hipster, who found herself in the desert. I am quite relaxed about the whole project actually as I am sure we will survive somehow. Even if we do not bring enough water, or two tyres burst instead of just one. I think I am most looking forward to absolutely no phone reception for 5 days. In times like these, this will be my biggest detox (tohether with my apple and musli bar diet). I really can not wait to leave society for a bit again and escape to a sacred, unique space of selfreflection and beauty.

Stay tuned. More survival details to follow.





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