48 hours of adult playground

​I literally had no expectations when I left two days ago for a game reserve somewhere out there – North of Pretoria. I would stay in an ordinary upmarket game reserve and do my normal morning and evening game drives – that was, what I actually thought. Well. It turned out to be not quite like that after all. In fact – these past 48 hours were by far the most eventful and completly NOT ordinary hours I ever experienced.

The 48 hours started with an hour of helicopter flight. While i felt like it was christmas and my birthday at the same time when i saw the two helicopters waiting for us – the rest of the group was by far not as excited as i was. They all flew helicopters before and it wasnt essentially something, they always dreamed off. 

As a result, they let me sit in front. I behaved like a stereotypical American Tourist. Phone on selfie mode in my right hand, camera in my left hand – and as excited as one can be. This excitement did vanish after like twenty minutes into the flight though, when i felt my motion sickness coming up. As a result,  to focus on not puking into the helicopter for the following 40min was my main concern and i did not even see the giraffes at our lodge, when we flew over the lodge. What  luxury problem, i discovered! Getting sick during a helicopter flight is certainly a problem, i never thought i had to deal with.

We arrived in time for sundowners and because the staff wanted to show us, how unusual this place was we did not DRIVE to our sunset spot…. Nope. We flew there. While now everyone was excited to explore the reserve from the air and chopper along the curvy river in the reserve, i got super pale and actually thought to myself that i rather would hike up to that sunset spot than flying. LUXURY PROBLEMS. I survived though. Barely, but i did. I was rewarded with the most breathtaking view from a cliff over the super green and vast reserve. What a sundowner spot!! I mean. I FLEW in a CHOPPER up a mountain in order to drink G&T and watch the sun goes down. How surreal is this?!

What we also did after arrival was, to check out the area with quadbikes. I understood the following day, why they let us roam around on quad bikes that evening… We saw loads of giraffes, in fact we saw so many that I, at one point, stopped taking pictures of them. Simply because i saw so many. 

I fell asleep that night to the sound of the wild. No better way to fall asleep.

The next morning, we started with the best views and a head full of emotions, into our day. We finished off breakfast and were told to grab our not so clean stuff and closed shoes – as our next activity for the daywas paintball. Not the normal paintball though. Paintball on quadbikes and with a helicopter!! Let me repeat what i just said: paintball with gunning people from a chopper and targets driving around on a reserve on quad bikes! What the hell??

 I felt i wasn’t ready to be a target so i decided to overcome  my motion sickness and fly in that chopper and hunt down quadbike drivers. Dont misunderstand me: i do still think there is something wrong with gunning down people from choppers with paintballs. However, you guys dont understand how much fun it is and how much adrenaline goes through your veins in a split second. The chopper driver was quite talented and we flew super low and chased the quadbikes out of the bushes. I was so full of adrenaline and motionsick that i decided in my not so right mind, to be the target too. That was even more fun. Picture me driving along a straight super dusty path in second gear like a grandma but waaay too fast, screaming my heart out and laughing like a manic while the chopper was right next to me and shot me down. Maaaaan. It did hurt a little but it was so. Much. Fun.  Until i hid under a tree so well that i couldnt go forward or backwards anymore because i drove that quad against a tree and didnt know how to enable the gear to go back.

So. Much. Fun. 

 While the ladies of the group then moved on to the pool area, I decided to stay with the boys do some target shooting. We shot our way through the extensive gun selection of the owner and I missed all the targets and still managed to be better than the boys when I accidentally shot with a sniper the target i wasn’t supposed to shoot at but hit it right in the bulls eye.

The cherry on top of my crazy adult fun day was a professor, who came by before dinner that evening and explained the stars to us, while a massive shooting star made its way through the sky. 

What a day! I needed the complete way back from my little excursion to Cape Town to process these past 48hours of fun.

If you EVER have too much money and want to waste it on something else than drugs and alcohol – do yourself a favour and visit this remote reserve somewhere north of Pretoria. You will not regret your expenses, trust me on this.

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