48 hours Hermanus

If you follow this blog regularly you should know my luck with planning and executing my own holidays by now. Normally I am super talented in choosing the wrong season to travel. At least i managed to get the travel season right this time: whale season in Hermanus! However, this unfortunately is just the theory. In reality i chose the one weekend, Winter decided to come back with forecasted heavy rain and literally kak weather. So our whale watching tour got cancelled on our free saturday and moved to sunday morning in the hope of better weather. Obviously, the only other plan possible when its raining is either the Aquarium in Cape town or drinking wine. We decided to quickly change plans but guess what: too late, all wine tasting slots were already fully booked. In addition i managed to catch the flu just before departure AND forgot my passport  we wanted to pick up our vehicle.
Ok it wasnt that bad after all. The Avis people felt sorry for us and gave me the vehicle anyway and we made our way out of town slowly but surely. We tried to not get suck in traffic which is literally impossible in this town.
Hermanus is only about 1.5 hours drive away from the big mother city and super famous for its big bay where whales chill during September and October. In fact, this town is so famous for this season that you barely find any available accommodations during that time… not sure actually how we managed to find these two….
We stayed at two lovely properties – one inside and one a bit outside of Hermanus and were absolutely prepared for two days of rain. However, I think the weather gods felt quite sorry for me and we woke up to a bright blue sky and sunshine on Saturday.
We quickly packes our bags and left for our first highlight of the day: breakfast 🙂 jokes, I actually meant the small Farmers market just a bot away from our accommodation. They served already beer (it was just after 10am) and all sorts of other interesting handmade things. Since we however had already our hotel breakfast we quockly moved on to our alternative activity for the day: more food and more wine.
You know, when thinking of Hermanus I actually never ever associated wine or rolling hills, breathtaking views and homemade food with it. After 4 years of living here i always thought that Hermanus would be a waste of my precious time as it is a tourist mekka. This weekend proved me wrong!
There is one small turn to the left – just before you enter the city center. Hemel and Aarde road. And this road literally takes you there – to the sky and the earth (assuming that is what it actually means).
There are about 5 to 10 vineyards along that route with very high end wine, since their vineyards are quite small compared to the Stellenbosch and Franschoek area.
And oh boy did we love it there! I think on that day alone i gained like 2kg of weight due to good food and when we opened our boot on sunday we found 7 bottles of wine we apparently bought along that way…. SEVEN. i thought we just bought one each…
Anyway – if you are keen to explore the wine off the beaten track – This. Is. It. Together with the Worcester area i think those are definitely the most untouched and unspoiled and after all the most untouristy places here.
We finished our day in style and ate fish at „The Fisherman’s cottage“ while playing a round of scrabble (which i won. Of course 🙂 )
My long anticipated whale watching tour was up the fallowing morning already. We were super lucky with the weather again – no wind. No clouds. Blue water. Since i learn from my mistakes, i helped myself to a motion sickness tablet way before the trip started. However i did not count in the fact that these whales here literally chill at the beach and that we had to deal with the swell and 2m higj waves rolling in constantly. My motion sickness pills were certainly too weak for the swell and so my main task during the whole trip was, to focus onto the horizon – instead of o to the sea and the many many many whales around us. As a result i also only have like 3 pictures fro. The whole trip, as those whales were never far enoigh out to combine them woth my horizon stare task.
At least i can proudly say that i did not puke onto the ship or i to the water. I survived! (We wont disclose that i needed about ten quoet minutes on the bench ashore before i was able to talk or walk straight again)
All in all i must admit that i have to revise my prejudices against Hermanus. It os actually a great place to be. Even outside of whale season!

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